To increase wealth within Black communities through empowering initiatives focused on real estate
investment and entrepreneurial venture formation, which will result in collective economic power,
self-sustainability, an improved quality of life and wealth transfers that impact generations.

A podcast for informative, engaging content from experts that will empower you with life-transforming principles to take your money mentality, financial habits and quality of life to the next level.

Why Black Money Tree

  • The median wealth of Black families ($17,000) was less than one-tenth that of White families ($171,000) in 2020.  
  • Blacks were still more than twice as likely to live in poverty as whites in 2020.  
  • Despite significant economic progress over past decades, Blacks still experience far worse economic conditions than other Americans.  
  • Black America is a community in crisis.


Money is about a mentality. The only way to address the poor economic state of the Black community is by transforming its thinking through practical and relevant information that will teach individuals how to build wealth rather than merely consume income.  


The Black Money Tree is a solution to this need.