Buy & Keep Your Dirt, Build Your Wealth!



Timestamped Shownotes

4:12 Growing up Brooklyn
5:03 Representation Matters: Meeting my first black architect. 
7:32 Steering Opportunities to Detroit
9:40 What role does real estate play in wealth development?
9:49 Get into real estate as soon as possible. 
10:26 Houston still has a unique opportunity to take advantage of inexpensive real estate 
11:23 We need to put our resources into buying dirt, especially near downtown
14:00  What is driving Detroit’s economy? What are the opportunities?
16:00 Drivers of the Community
17:50 What are nuggets for wealth on this path to success
18: 36 – Suggested readings to help understand how our cities are made as well as wealth building
19:12 Taking control of the dirt we have