Catching the Spirit of Entrepreneurship




During this episode, host Jerome D. Love sits down with one of the world’s premier entrepreneurs, real estate investors and a tremendous leader and pastor, Dr. Dana Carson. Dr. Carson is helping to create wealth and empower communities across the globe and talks about some of the historical factors that have led to the gap in equity and wealth within the African American communities.  A well respected theologian, Dr. Carson is also the Apostle to the ROCK World Outreach International, affectionately known as The Kingdom Voice. 

Timestamped Shownotes

2:08 – “More is caught than is taught” – Growing up on Southside of Chicago
5:08 –  Explanation of the 5 Watersheds – European economic powerhouse to control the world
7:02 – Miseducation: Are Europeans God’s preferred people?
8:00 – Who’s Superior, Who’s Inferior? Understanding the Mis-image of God
9:38 – Is there anything wrong with having money? Is wealth-building evil?
10:52 –  These are the wealthy people in the world
11:44 – When does wealth become dangerous?
12:23 – What is the Black Pastors role in terms of helping black people build wealth?
14:28 – The Black Preacher has to teach the bible + how to become economically stable
15:00 – 15:55  Preachers have to accept the role, even beyond the bible.
17:20 – Should Pastors know how to acquire and attain wealth 
20:10 – Formal education is overrated. It’s the attitude and aptitude of the individual that is going to make the difference
21:25 – There are only 3 ways to build wealth. Entrepreneurship is a vehicle to build wealth. 
22:30 –  Does a formal education put us in a box?
24:44 Bringing empowerment locally and globally – starting the first black healthy soul food culinary school and an exchange student program from Kenya to America.