The Accidental Entrepreneur: Turning Your Side Hustle Into A Full-Time Job!

Can you REALLY make a “side hustle” or hobby work for you full-time? During this episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks with Tausha Sanders the self-proclaimed “accidental entrepreneur” and CEO of Her Grails, on how she turned her side hustle into a full-time gig; how she made more in one month than she’d ever made at ANY of her previously full-time jobs! The two even discuss the first thing Jerome wanted Tausha to tell NBA great Micheal Jordan, upon scoring her first contract with the infamous Jordan Brand!

Should People Hide True Self Just to Keep A Job? Or Get Paid?

Should people hide their true selves in order to keep a job? or to get paid? During this episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, Kevin Knight, owner of the largest urban travel company speaks on leaving corporate America and finding passion in producing worldwide experiences for the urban community.

The Business of Wealth & Navigating the Entertainment Industry


Today on The Black Money Tree, host Jerome D. Love has the ultimate “Money Making Conversation” with two-time Emmy Award winning Executive Producer, three-time NAACP Image Award Winner and host of Money Making Conversations radio show – Rushion McDonald.

Rushion McDonald is well known in the entertainment industry for his successes in producing television sitcoms and syndicated shows like “Family Feud”, “Evidence of Innocence”, “The Jamie Foxx Show”, “Sister Sister”, “Steve Harvey Talk Show” and is one who understood early on that everybody travels a different path! Rushion is also the architect behind Steve Harvey’s multi-media entertainment career and his company 3815 Media currently represents ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. During today’s conversation he shares how your success is tied to your commitment and how he helps entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Building Wealth, Budgeting & Entrepreneurship


On today’s episode, host Jerome D. Love has a candid conversation with someone who really needs no introduction. Millions of fans have known his name for decades as a member of the iconic music groups Bell Biv Devoe (BBD) – and New Edition but today we shine the spotlight on him as an entrepreneur and businessman.

Our guest, Ronald Boyd Devoe Jr. is the CEO and founder of Devoe Real Estate, a brokerage based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a self-proclaimed survivalist, with no prior blueprint of what to do with money, Ron shares what he did when he got his first “real check,” why real estate is the best thing on earth, and how he went from bankruptcy to a thriving real estate business! Ron Devoe is now helping other Black people close the wealth gap through home ownership and gives insight into the Keys Unlock Dreams Initiative.

Generational Wealth and the Legacy of Ebony Magazine


On this inaugural episode, host Jerome D. Love has a conversation with Eden Bridgeman-Sklenar, the only daughter of former NBA star Junior Brigeman, on what it’s like be the newest owners of two of the most iconic media institutions in the Black Community – EBONY and JET magazines.

During the conversation, Eden discusses why it’s still important for Black people to see themselves in publications, if the JET Beauty of the Week feature will make a comeback, plus her view on helping the community prioritize economics over image. Eden Bridgeman-Sklenar serves as owner of Ebony and JET magazines and is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Manna Inc. She is also a new mother and discusses her new drive, in hopes to continue establishing legacy through wealth building and philanthropy.

Protecting underserved communities by building wealth


During this special edition kickoff to Season 1 of The Black Money Tree Podcast, roles are reversed as show host Jerome D. Love sits on the interviewee side and media personality Sky Houston takes lead to find out “What IS The Black Money Tree?” Season 1 launches Thursday, October 28th! Subscribe, share with a friend and tune in with us!

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