You are Your Brand With Dessie Brown

This week, host Jerome D. Love sits down with promoter extraordinaire, guru marketer and Brander, Dessie Brown of LD Unlimited to talk building a brand with YOU at the center! During this episode learn how to build a good brand, identify opportunities and how to tap into YOUR industry.  Timestamps: 5:17 Building a good brand […]

Multi-Units, Money and Marriage: Meet the Muldrows

Show Description During today’s episode, host Jerome D. Love sits down with real estate kingpins Corey and Candice Muldrow, as they share stories on acquiring their very first assets while dating, going from zero to nearly 1K doors, and marriage! Tune in to hear the couples view on the quickest path to your destination plus […]

A Deep Dive into Real Estate and Multi-family Properties w/ OJ Barnes

Show Description   This week we take “A Deep Dive into Real Estate and Multi-family Properties w/ OJ Barnes,” on The Black Money Tree Podcast!   5:17- As a landlord should you charge a deductible? 7:55 – Multiply your revenue with rental properties and build systems 8:20- Build a business, don’t just create a jobs […]

The Makings of a Beauty Empire w/ Kim Roxie (LAMIK Beauty)

During today’s episode host Jerome D. Love sits down with dynamic businesswoman, Kim Roxie. Kim Roxie is the founder and CEO of LAMIK Beauty products, the world’s #1 Eco-Chic makeup line seeking to build women’s self-esteem and reveal their natural beauty. Formulated without parabens, Kim has created environmentally conscious products with a message for multicultural […]

The Art of “Winning” with Warren Broadnax (She’s Happy Hair)

Show Description During this episode, host Jerome D. Love sits down with Co-founder and CEO of She’s Happy Hair, Warren Broadnax! Warren shares his journey, from his humble beginnings on the southside of Houston, TX to his career as a Houston firefighter before breaking into the billion dollar in black hair industry. Timestamps   5:32 Making 15 cents […]

Catching the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Summary During this episode, host Jerome D. Love sits down with one of the world’s premier entrepreneurs, real estate investors and a tremendous leader and pastor, Dr. Dana Carson. Dr. Carson is helping to create wealth and empower communities across the globe and talks about some of the historical factors that have led to the gap […]

Buy & Keep Your Dirt, Build Your Wealth!

Timestamped Shownotes  4:12 Growing up Brooklyn 5:03 Representation Matters: Meeting my first black architect.  7:32 Steering Opportunities to Detroit 9:40 What role does real estate play in wealth development? 9:49 Get into real estate as soon as possible.  10:26 Houston still has a unique opportunity to take advantage of inexpensive real estate  11:23 We need to put our resources into buying dirt, […]

“Enough to be Dangerous: How to Scale a Business to Sell” w/ Zawadi Bryant

Episode Summary:   During today’s conversation, host Jerome D. Love sits down with Zawadi Bryant. A highly sought-after speaker and mentor on leadership development and entrepreneurship, Zawadi was co-founder and CEO of Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care for fourteen years before the company was acquired by Pediatrix Medical Group in March 2021. Tune in as Zawadi […]