Closing the Wealth Gap While Earning Your Leisure!




On this episode of The Black Money Tree Podcast, Host Jerome D. Love speaks with Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal, founders of top growing podcast Earn Your Leisure and EYL University. Known for giving you behind the scenes financial views on Money, Sports, Entertainment and Business, as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs, Troy and Rashad share the history of EYL; what they believe are CORE components of building wealth as well as their thoughts on whether CRYPTO is here to stay! Tune in Thursday, March 3rd and be ready to take notes, as we discuss how to close the wealth gap while, surely earning your leisure!


3:10 – The Journey to earn your leisure: Meet Troy and Rashad

7:33 – How did EYL get its name?

10:27 – Where does EYL stand with Real Estate?

12:57-15:00 – Leap Options, Bitcoin, or Real Estate. What’s the CORE Component to Building Wealth?

19:21- 22:08 – What’s the Method to the Crypto / Stock Market Madness? Is Crypto here to stay??

22:32-25:00 – What the heck is a NFT??

28:13 – 31:00 – Beyond The Walls: Is ‘B-School’ Relevant Today?

33:33 – 36:00 – Leasing vs Owning a Car