Dream Bigger Dreams: Former Houston Astros Owner Talks Leveling Up in Business and the Black Community



Podcast Summary

During today’s episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks to veteran serial entrepreneur and former Houston Astros limited partner, Shawn Taylor on methods used to achieve great success, what are some common pitfalls seen among today’s Black entrepreneurs that could be hindering their success, and how viewers can get on a path to financial wealth. 

Timestamped Shownotes

4:17-4:52 – Scarcity Thinking

8:54 – How to use debt favorably to acquire assets.

11:35  – Mom and Pop Businesses are important but how do we scale up?

13:50 – Dream Bigger Dreams!

21:07 – Get Innovative! How To Find Financial Tools 

34:10 – Excuses Are For Losers: How To Change The Trajectory of Your Life, By Changing Your Mind

38:02 – How To Create Generational Wealth