“Enough to be Dangerous: How to Scale a Business to Sell” w/ Zawadi Bryant



Episode Summary:


During today’s conversation, host Jerome D. Love sits down with Zawadi Bryant. A highly sought-after speaker and mentor on leadership development and entrepreneurship, Zawadi was co-founder and CEO of Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care for fourteen years before the company was acquired by Pediatrix Medical Group in March 2021.

Tune in as Zawadi shares the process of scaling her business to become “the McDonald’s of the Urgent Care industry”,  getting the attention of Forbes Magazine and her approach to “children” and “entrepreneurship!”


4:00 – We started the business with the thought that children do not need to be in the ER at night for a cold, cough and fever.
6:00 – What do we need to do to professionalize our business?
6:24 – “Nightlight in a Box” is what got us in Forbes.
6:30 – I wanted to be the McDonalds of Urgent Care.
7:01 – How do you build things to scale?
8:17 – Know enough to be dangerous.
9:00 -The MBA gives you a framework but not a deep deep knowledge; experience does you that.
11:17 – I couldn’t run the business and grow the business at the same time.
13:26 – When you’re in the community you see the needs of the community and it becomes a driving force for you to be successful.
14:15 – Continue to invest in what’s working for us! It’s a cyclical symbiotic thing.
14:49 – We have to be so invested in our people growing not only fiscally, financially but in community building it up.
16:00 – My dad was pan-Africanism; we have to be about the people; community principles.
18:35 – Children are always listening; My children are very involved with the business.