Escaping to Entrepreneurship with the Fashion Assassin, Isaac Moore



Podcast Summary

During this episode, host Jerome D. Love “unboxes” the story of Isaac Moore, aka “The Fashion Assassin” who is taking the luxury fashion industry by storm.  The owner of luxury brand Isaac and Moore,  Moore shares his rags to riches story from living in his head, while living on the streets (homeless); to creating the highly sought after  “Box Experience” for celebrity clients such as Usher Raymond, Floyd Mayweather, Magic Johnson and many others.

Timestamped Shownotes

2:30 – How to maintain your vision of creating a business with or without money: “My Pursuit of my dream taught me everything I need to know.”

Escaping to Entrepreneurship: Entertain your ideas vs you Environment – 6:25-7:06

Giving Back is Organic When Your Cup Runs Over! – 7:58-8:55

What Is The Box Experience? Should Everybody Get An Award? – 9:35-9:55

I Don’t Sell Bags, I Sell Experiences – 12:00

Your Gifts/Unique Products Will Make Room For You – 14:34 

Confidence is Key in Fashion and Business – 15:16 

You Can’t Be A Mother Without A Child First. How To Find Yourself In Business