From the Trunk to Storefront: The Making of Millions with She’s Happy Hair




During this episode of The Black Money Tree Podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks with Globalpreneur, businessman, philanthropist and veteran Marcus Bowers on his journey to wealth. From humble beginnings, selling women’s hair products from the trunk of his car, to making millions our guest shares the art of “meeting the plug” and mastering global relationships, how to “sustain” once you’ve made lots of money by optimizing information, plus how to grow your business with data collecting strategies:  “Create, Collect, Protect, Clean, Distribute!”Share with your network and tune in for the gems dropped during this episode!


2:15 – Roots: What were you taught about money?
We never went to the atm to withdraw money, my mother never even had a bank account; I got my first bank account when I joined the US Navy.
3:50 – Why Use a Bank? People that use banks have extra money. We didn’t have extra money.
7:06 – Using Military Guys to Grow Your Brand!
8:07 THRIVING! Going From hustling and selling hair out of the trunk to of the car, to Having Storefronts.
9:30  – How to Clock Out and Start Clocking In for yourself
10:32 – If I win we ALL win! 
12:40 – Where’s the Plug? How to successfully create a global hair business
14:50- How to Forecast: Who’s in charge? You or The Manufacturer? 
15:30- Financing hair
16:24- Make Manufacturers bid for you! AND China’s Longest Running Trade Show in the World- CANTON
18:44- Creating relationships that roll the red carpet out for you
19:05 -The Importance of Gathering Data to scale your business, learning from Six Figures in Six Weeks.
23:06 – Steps to Get started in Business: Sell to the World!