Keys to Be King, When Building an Empire



Podcast Summary

On today’s episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks with Percy Creuzot III, owner of the legendary restaurant “Frenchy’s” in Houston, TX.  Creuzot’s father, Percy Creuzot Jr. brought the Southern Louisiana-style chicken establishment to Houston building it into one of the city’s most successful African American family-owned restaurant franchises; and it is the ingenuity, plus the willingness to grow, focus and make great relationships that can help sustain the empire. Tune in as Percy (King) Creuzot III shares the dilemma in being a Jack of all trades in business, valuable assets in learning and building a business and the golden key in being friends or foes with competitiors in business.

Timestamped Shownotes

Should You Focus on One Product? Or Be Jack of All Trades In Business?  – 8:13

Have A Great Recipe? Thinking of Becoming a Restauranteur? Frenchys Owner Gives Strong Advice – 10:15

Renowned Frenchys Chicken Introduced This New Orleans Staple to Houston, But Did It Fail? – 12:07

If Franchising, How Much Of My Business Should I Learn – 17:40

What Are Valuable Assets For Learning and Building In Business?

 Should Your Competitors Be Friends or Foes? – 21:21