Stumble Into Real Estate: How to Make Money From Your Home!



Podcast Summary

During this episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks with investor Onaje Barnes on being a previous mentee in the real estate turned mentor in multi-family real estate. Onaje Barnes shares his journey to wealth building, insight on how to tune out family and friends in order to maximize your potential in real estate. Also discussed in this episode: what to watch for in today’s real estate investing market, whether or not there’s really a such thing as “equity” and getting an return on your investments!

Timestamped Shownotes

What Did YOU Learn About Money Growing Up? Did You Have An Unhealthy Mindset? – [4:09]

 If You Have It, Should Your Kids Grow Up in Wealth or Learn The Hard Way? Can Your Kids Understand Concepts of Money – [5:29]

Can You Stumble Into Real Estate? Should You Use Your First Home as an Investment? – [11:56] 

When Buying A Home, Should You Be Team Cash or Team Loan? – [20:00]

How To Spend ALL of Your Savings… and Stay Married! – [23:36]

How Do I Come Up with A Strategy For Me and My Family Using Real Estate?  – [25:44]

Is Your Home Equity Working for You? Here’s How To Make Money From Your Home! – [27:18]