Multi-Units, Money and Marriage: Meet the Muldrows



Show Description

During today’s episode, host Jerome D. Love sits down with real estate kingpins Corey and Candice Muldrow, as they share stories on acquiring their very first assets while dating, going from zero to nearly 1K doors, and marriage! Tune in to hear the couples view on the quickest path to your destination plus how they found their niche in multi-unit properties!

Timestamped Shownotes

3:00 – Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Got Us Going

4:00:  Buying real estate before the ring

6:10: From Passenger to Pilot: How to make the transition from single family to multi-family units 

9:10 Starting out, is the “Leverage” model the one to choose

11:23  Growing Pains and Digital change. How we’ve grown from 18 units to 826 units

15:00  How do you find A GOOD DEAL?

16:22-17:33  Do You Flip or Cash Flow? The Problem Child Vs Angel Child

20:15 – All American Couple working: Married to the Business

21:52  Get a Mentor! Find someone that’s done what you want to do.