Racism, Redlines, and the Re-Education on Black Economics and Politics



Episode Summary

On today’s episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks with Historian, Pastor and Leadership Strategist, Dr. Charles A. Moody on 
black wealth in the land of the free and how history in America has affected black, money, power and respect. From the browning of the south to the KKK and the Freeman’s Savings and Trust, tune in as we discuss the origination of African American economics and following Politics on the Black Money Tree podcast!


5:19 – Where did African American Economics originate?
7:00-9:07 – How Does Millions of Black Dollars go ‘Belly-Up’? (Freeman’s Savings & Trust)
12:58-13:18 – What Does the Police Dept. Ku Klux Klan Have in Common?
12:43-14:00 – Who Decides Black Money, Power and Respect?
20:40 Home Loans, G.I. Bills and Redlining, Oh My!
24:05-27:28 What’s The Point of It All: Family Land x No Money!
25:40-27:30 This Land is Your Land, This Land is MY Land: Can You Be Forced to Sell Your Family’s Land?
27:31-29:04 How Do You Make Your Family’s Land Work For You?
32:28 – 34:30 The “Browning of The South: Who’s Changing the Divide Line?
38:14 This or That: Is It Better to Be A Broke College Student or A Struggling Adult?