The Art of “Winning” with Warren Broadnax (She’s Happy Hair)



Show Description

During this episode, host Jerome D. Love sits down with Co-founder and CEO of She’s Happy Hair, Warren Broadnax! Warren shares his journey, from his humble beginnings on the southside of Houston, TX to his career as a Houston firefighter before breaking into the billion dollar in black hair industry.


5:32 Making 15 cents look like a dollar
6:14 Being okay in new surroundings
6:49 Joining the United States Navy
7:30 Being your own man
8:20 Becoming an aggressive learner 
13:23 Understanding Finance
14:32 Treating business like a loaf of bread
15:48 Breaking into the billion dollar beauty industry
16:46-  Taking Chances
18:55 Finding good energy among women
19:34 When you got a vision, it’s YOUR vision
21:06 Don’t do bad business
21:48 Expanding internationally
23:16 Comfortable overseas as “the 3 black guys”
25:00 Navigating suppliers in other cultures
26:25 Talking partnership with China
28:00 Lessons in ownership 101: Treat your business like what if the idea works
31:00  Don’t do it for the money
32:40 Making the customer feel like the star