Thinking of A Master Plan: How to be “Paid in Full” 



Show Description

Do You Dream About Getting Paid in Full?  In today’s episode of The Black Money Tree podcast, host Jerome D. Love speaks with broadcast expert and entrepreneur – The MaddHatta who shares his knowledge and experiences on monetizing your brand and building wealth whether you believe in entrepreneurship or find security in working a 9-to-5!


13:50 – Is Paid in Full a “Mindset”? The MaddHatta on His Mantra in Entrepreneurship

“I don’t ever want to put myself in a position for other people to control me. – MaddHatta

15:34  – The MaddHatta on Being an Accidental Entrepreneur:KILL What You Eat.

I don’t think of myself as a true entrepreneur .

18:25 – For The Love of Entrepreneurship:

MaddHatta on The Black Entrepreneur

21:53 – Do You Dream About Getting Paid in Full? The MaddHatta Gives a Tip Somebody Has to Believe that You CAN.

22:33 – Aint Nobody Giving You Money Because Your Mouthpiece Works. What Else Does Success Require?

23:38  – Everybody Wants to Be Famous. But How Do You Focus on Your Money? MaddHatta Speaks on Monetizing Your Name.

Is There Money To Be Found? MaddHatta Speaks on How to Get to The Money

27:54 –  MaddHatta on Becoming A Father: I Wanted Them To Be In A Better Situation.