We’ve Got the JUICE! Taking the Beverage Industry By Storm w/ Jive Juices Tamala Austin 




Many people have ideas for beverage companies, but few of them understand how to get it off the ground. This week, Jerome D. Love sits down with Tamala Austin, owner of JIVE JUICES, to talk about how she took her idea from conception to actually getting her juices into grocery stores!
During this episode this entrepreneur shares challenges she’s faced while running the beverage company and how she overcame them.  She also shares how she stayed competitive in the beverage market, especially with the emergence of new and innovative products, marketing strategies she uses to help fund and how she made her products stand out from other juices.


3:56: Living with grandparents on a fixed budget, made me an entrepreneur

4:45: My Papa gave me my first investment

5:45:One of the great things about learning having great customer service skills

6:41: Grandma retired from the bank and

7:09: You speak to everyone when you enter a room

7:26: SAVE! I was taught at an early age to save early.

11:45-12:10 I found my passion because it was a part of me

12:16 Juicing is very essential- How to differentiate yourself from others

15:28 How to scale your product and keep it fresh

19:25 LAWYER UP! It’s the best thing I could have done for my small business

20:37 I sold my home as a single mom and started my business

22:14 As yourself funding your business its important to build relationships with banks

28:39 Partnership has helped us to produce mass

29:05- 29:51 Do your 9-5 until you can pay yourself a salary. Same 8 hours I give to a job to make their money, I give to myself to make my money.

30:26 – What sacrifice do your kids see you making, to make it happen?